Wall Paneling Design & Installation

As one of the most widely used techniques to beautify and enhance any living space, decorative paneling adds magnificent style and elegance. From custom finishes, veneers, species, and perforations to custom moldings and light troughs – we bring inspired home living to life.  We design and install customized interior wall paneling that fits your aesthetic vision and acoustical needs through precise engineering and architectural flair.


We bring your vision to life as we walk you through every step of the process: from the initial design to choosing the right product profile to the final installation and customization. Magic Trim Carpentry’s paneling solution will enhance the design flexibility of your home as we provide a patterned and interlocked woodworking appearance that accentuates the feature-rich quality of the room.

Wall paneling is attractive to home owners because it not only transforms your home from an aesthetic standpoint by adding grandeur and splendor, but it also serves numerous functional purposes like shielding your walls from wear and tear, providing insulation and soundproofing. With Magic Trim Carpentry’s professionalism and expert craftsmanship, every border, lining and panel is perfectly designed and installed.

Wall paneling is a touch of exquisiteness and exclusivity that really engages the person with the home because it’s so personal and appealing. The detailed woodwork provides a glimpse into the historical beauty of various art periods and also provides insight into your own personal preference and what you think constitutes beauty. From the lining and templates, wall paneling provides borders and differentiates one part of your house from another part yet we at Magic Carpentry make sure there is fluidity and continuity.