Wainscoting is a millwork wall in which baseboards, wall paneling, chair rails and molding are uniquely combined to add enhancing and captivating elements to any living space or walkway. Wainscoting’s decorative paneling perfectly adorns the lower half of walls and safeguards them from costly and unattractive damages. Wainscoting is an essential add-on for any interior design makeover as it helps liven up and stylize walls that would otherwise look boring and uninspiring.

Magic Trim Carpentry provides superior wainscoting mounting solutions that include flat paneling, raised paneling, beaded paneling, bolection molded paneling and various other wainscoting solutions that will fit your taste and budget. Our wainscoting solutions will add elegance and beauty to any living space, as we utilize a diverse array of wainscoting tools and techniques that will customize your wall’s décor to suit your vision. With perfect symmetry and harmony, the interlocked patterns add visual weight to your living space.

At Magic Trim Carpentry, we take great pride in our workmanship and our team are well-versed in the intricacies of wainscoting. It is important to remember that wainscoting is comprised of numerous components that requires expertise that is why Magic Trim Carpentry is the right wainscoting specialists for you.

Wainscoting is a touch of exquisiteness and exclusivity that really engages the person with the home because it’s so personal and appealing. The detailed woodwork provides a glimpse into the historical beauty of various art periods and also provides insight into your own personal preference and what you think constitutes beauty. From the lining and templates, wainscoting provides borders and differentiates one part of your house from another part yet we at Magic Carpentry make sure there is fluidity and continuity.