Doors and Windows


Whenever you decide to remodel/renovate your home, one of the most popular changes that homeowners make is to add paneling to compliment their windows. Windows are an important element of a comfortable home as they let in sunlight, control temperature flows and drawn-out noise.

When it comes to window paneling, there are a lot of options and the best option is to always customize it to your personal taste and style. At Magic Trim Carpentry, we can integrate the right window paneling profile that will accentuate the character of your interior design.

Actualizing your individual creative pulse, we will provide a wide range of window paneling options that unify your design flow – from colorful profiles to diverse finishes to a variety of shapes, such as round-top, circle-top, triangle or gable top.

The cornerstones of Magic Trim Carpentry are high-quality craftsmanship and good design sense. We perfectly blend and showcase a variety of distinguishing design elements to reinforce the subtle and delicate character of your lifestyle features. 


The door is often the most neglected area of the home and it is the first thing that people notice about your home. While it serves as entry way and is omnipresent, most people do not put much imagination or thought into what their door should look like. But we believe that your door, just like every other part of your home, should be given serious creative considerations.

An intricately designed door can be stylized – from flush, panel doors, combination, louvered – to your personal taste and gives a refined character to the interior of your home that adds visual value. At Magic Trim Carpentry, we design and install pre-built and/or custom interior or exterior doors for any-sized entry way. We take great pride in providing premier craftsmanship on every project.