Arch Openings

In a home remodeling or new development project, transforming your plain, interior entryway adds great visual value to your home. A straight or curved trimmed arched opening will showcase and accentuate the lifestyle features of your home. From circle-top windows, doors and elliptical transoms or interior archway, a multitude of different profile options are available with arch openings.


At Magic Trim Carpentry, we take a detailed-oriented approach in milling our own molding by locating, marking, and making the right cuts to give your home an enriching character. We can incorporate your personal taste and work with you every step of the way to ensure that the finished arch paneling is up to your standards and brings your vision to life. Our professionally trained and insured finish carpenters will ensure that we provide the best possible craftsmanship and workmanship in the design and installation of both pre-cut and customized arch openings.