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Whether you have planned to remodel your home or you are just opting to make some interior structural changes, arch designs and Panel Opening and Arch Design will play a key role in giving your house a new improved outlook which instantly catches one’s eye. Home owners in Greater Toronto Area are now catching up with the latest and diversified trends in home renovation.  Styling, enhancing and embellishing your beloved home’s interior and exterior demands mixing of some widely used architectural details and materials in which wood work stands prominent. At Magic Trim Carpentry, we have the right kind of solutions for your home renovation which includes Panel Opening and Arch Design and wainscoting. The wood work in arch designs adds a great visual interest, character, texture and a subtle charm to your house’s interior while fitting in effectively with its architectural dynamics.

  • The first in our list of arch designs are the soft arch styles which are also widely known as eyebrow or segmented arch as they form a circle’s segment. They have a subtle touch about them and are great for both low and high header heights. At Magic Trim Carpentry, we deliver all the services based on the most modern techniques and latest tools so that the end product is flawless and a trump card for your home’s beauty.
  • The semi circle arch also stands prominent in the widely used Panel Opening and Arch designs and has its basis in the Roman architecture. They are very popular with those who like to add a more traditional touch to the interior dynamics of their home.  However, these arches require a somewhat extended ceiling height because of the arch’s radius.

If you combine the above mentioned arch designs or styles, you get Elliptical arches which have a subtle radius like the soft arches. It is great combination of Roman and segmented style and spans greater widths.

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No matter which arch design or style you need for your home, your office, commercial building or hotel, we have the right combination of skills and experience to pull it off.


We have expert carpenters who have a keen eye on all the new trends which include a merger of traditional patterns and modern elements of craftsmanship.


We not only follow the trends, we set them.

We have the right combination of skills and experience.

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